I’m Kristi, a traveling Creator.

Hey there, I’m Kristi, a cannabis enthusiast with a unique journey. From budtender to journalist, my path has been a blend of discovery, advocacy, and newfound wellness.

From Budtender to Journalist

Picture me behind the counter as a budtender, guiding curious souls. Little did I know, they were guiding me too. Transitioning to a journalist, my edgy, straight-to-the-point writing aimed to reshape industry stereotypes.

A Cannabis Consumer’s Journey

The real game-changer? My journey as a cannabis consumer. Beyond recreation, it’s about revelation. Cannabis transformed our lives, offering miraculous wellness benefits, from pain management to soothing our minds.

Advocacy and Coaching

This ignited my passion for advocating alternative paths to wellness. I’m not just a consumer; I’m a uniquely qualified cannabis coach, guiding responsible consumption.

Safety and Responsibility Above All

My core belief: product safety and responsible choices. In a profit-driven industry, your well-being comes first. Quality and responsible indulgence drive me.

Welcome to my corner of the internet. Whether you’re a business seeking a cannabis wordsmith or a curious consumer, I’m your advocate and guide on this remarkable journey.

My Philosophy


Integrity & Truth

At the heart of everything I do is a commitment to integrity and truth. Whether through storytelling, advocacy, or coaching, I believe in a transparent and honest approach. Together, let’s embrace these principles to create content that resonates and transforms.


Quality over Quantity

In a world often fixated on quantity, I stand firmly for quality. Whether it’s crafting content, advocating for responsible consumption, or guiding your journey, I prioritize excellence and meaningful impact. Let’s elevate your experience by choosing quality over mere quantity.


Cannabis is Medicine.

I’ve witnessed the transformative power of cannabis first-hand; it’s a potent form of medicine. My content and coaching are rooted in this belief. Let’s explore how cannabis can be a path to wellness and relief, where ‘medicine’ takes on a whole new meaning.

Your Content is Your Voice

At the heart of my work is a passion for helping clients refine their message and unveil the narrative that truly defines their brand. Together, we’ll craft stories that resonate, connect, and leave a lasting impact on your audience whatever your goal.

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